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SAP Fundamentals , Netweaver,  Fundamentals, SOA & ESB Fundamentals

XI Overview

System Landscape Directory

XI Architecture components and features,

Enterprise Service Repository, Integration Directory, Integration Engine, Runtime, Runtime Workbench, Adapter Framework , CCBPM ,Security, B2B Industry Standards, NWA


System Landscape Directory

Products ,Software Components , Buisness System, Technical System , 3rdParty System, Usage

Dependencies, SLD usage in Enterprise Service Repository and Integration Directory

Enterprise Service Repository

Overview and concepts, Software Components and namespace , Interface Objects, Proxy generation, Mapping Objects , Miscellaneous

Integration Directory

Overview and concepts, Business Scenario, Collaboration profiles, Routing Rules ,Collaboration Agreements ,CPA Cache


Overview and concepts ,Pipeline Steps, Runtime Cache

Runtime Workbench

Overivew and concepts , Runtime tools on integration engine and adapter frameworks, Alerts, End-to-End Monitoring and troubleshooting

Adapter Framework and Advanced Adapter Engine

Overivew and Concepts ,Strategy and Standards, Adapters in detail like HTTP, File ,JDBC,JMS, SOAP,RFC,IDoc,JDBC, CPA Cache , Messaging system overview and PCK

Mapping Concepts

Overview and concepts, occurrences, queue concept,context handling, standard functions and node functions, User defined functions, Parameterized Mapping, Value Mapping, graphical mapping ,Java Mapping, XSLT mapping ,Multi mappings

Business Process Management (BPM)

Design principles of BPM, Defining BPM scenario, Import /Export in Integration directory to design a scenario, bpm monitoring and troubleshooting, Process Components,Conatiner ,Correlations, Exception and Error handling

Netweaver Administration and Security

NWA Monitors, Operations, Configuration, Logging, WSNavigator, UME, XI Users and Roles, Message and Channel Level Security


Sync-Async Bridge , Principal Propagation, Module and Adapter development, B2B and Industry standards, ABAP and Java Proxy , Transports , SAP Standard Modules