Who can learn SAP

Who Can Learn SAP :

There are more than 50 Modules in SAP, which is suitable ERP system available for range of Industry. Normally candidates should have 3 to 5 years of domain experience before choosing any modules in SAP.

SAP is an ERP system, and each modules within that highly integrated with each other. We train candidates about the standard process available and given by SAP. Thatís why itís very important to have process understanding of any particular Industry.

So for Technical Module no previous experience is mandatory.

Whatís Learning Hub Teach:

We train our student from basic to advance topic of respective module for which you enrolled for. Our trainers are very capable people who have great deal of knowledge and expertise in their modules and they are very approachable, keen to share their knowledge. This is primarily what student needs from a reputed Institute like us. We believe in increasing your SAP expertise and knowledge by giving more focussed training which definately increase your confidence while facing interviews and while working as a consultant.

So please feel comfortable to contact us and enroll for the course.

Which is good Module for you ??

Sometime it can be very confusing to choose which is suitable module for you. Its all depend on your educational and domain experience. So Get into SAP module which suits your experience and match the domain knowledge. Also if you have some strong believe that a particular module suits your aim and this will enable you to be sucessful in SAP consultancy role.