Career Prospective

As a Technolgy SAP has been used widely among the industry players. Its the number one ERP company in the world. Thousand of SAP consultant widely working in different parts of the world. SAP has continously spening milllions of dollars in R&D and product developement. So its SAP is a Technology which is growing rapidly evrywhere, Thousand of customer are migrating to SAP. So literally many jobs in the market which required to filled up, Still there are not many competent consultant are not available in the market.

Learning Hub have a proven track record of placement for years together. Our main strength is our own past students working in various technologies in different and in fact they are managers managing the companies. Our past students, holding higher level positions, represent companies and help to conduct interviews to recruit our students.

We have established excellent rapport with well reputed companies. Many companies have been tied up with our institution for training, placement, exchange of faculty and guest lectures.

There are many jobs in the market with huge potential in career growth. Potential Candidates need to learn Real time Technology in SAP and start attending interview and get a career in SAP.