Why Choose Us

5 Reason to Choose Learning Hub for SAP Training:

1: Get the Trainers who are working in SAP industry and having 5-10 Years of Experience in Training and Various implemenation and support project.

2: Training is based on Real time scenario and requirement for which Industry is looking for.

3:All Latest software available e.g. SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BI 7.0, SAP CRM 7.0 etc.

4: Assistance available for getting a placement after the completion of the course.

5: Study material provided which is related to each module, which hepls you in understanding the subject better.

6: We are voted to be one of the best Training Institue for SAP training Real time Training.

What Do you need to know to get a decent Job:

In India there are many young student with Engineering and Graduate and Post Graduate background. In our Job Market some 6 -10 years ago software industry only welcome student with engineering background. Times has been changed , Our software industry got matured. What company looking is for experience or people who can demonstrate a competitive software skills and they are ready to absorb graduate with any educational background.

So what our Young Student Needs to do:

Get trained in any Real time technology which is being used extensively (e.g. SAP, SAS, Oracle etc.). Learn it properly, Get Real time knowledge from the people who are working with kind of Real time technology, Learn about Real time Interview and Real time scenario question and demonstrate this skills in Interview. If you think in a way itís difficult but itís also easy once you have practiced this few times. Giving few interview in any technology will give you so much confidence than doing anything in your life.

Attending Interview is actually equivalent to have real time experience:

This 1000% true that if you have interview experience in any real time technology and you prepared well, you will have more confidence in subject than any real time people who is actually working in the industry.