PEGA Course Content

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1: Introduction To Process Commander 1 Hr 15 Min (Day1)

What is BPM?



PRPC Architecture and PRPC Usage

Six "R's"

2: Application Architecture1 Hr 15 Min (Day2)

Application Server

Java and Java Enterprise Edition

Common Rule types

PRPC Terms Open PRPC through different IDs and examinig the portals Examining Rules using Process Commander Portals and Basic rules examining the different type of portals and basic rule of pega

3: Understanding Work Class Structure1 Hr 15 Min (Day3)

a. Data types and Data objects functionality

b. Parameters, select-options, ranges definition and usage

c. Field string concepts

d. Internal tables and Internal tables events

Classs / Objects

Work Pool ,Work Group

Class Inheritance

4: Building Class structures1 Hr 15 Min (Day4)

Understanding Class Structure

Designing Class Hierarchy

Create a New Class

Creating new class

5: Understanding Properties and Data Classes1 Hr 15 Min (Day 5)

Property Mode

Property Types / Standard Properties

6: Creating Property and Model Rules 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 6)

Page, Repeating Layouts

Create New Property

What is Model, Model Chaining

Creating New Property, Model and Create New Model

7: Introducing Process Flows1 Hr 15 Min (Day 7)

Flows and Different types of shapes in flow

Building Flow Rules

Edit a Flow using Visio

Open a flow using flow editor and made some changes and see the impact in our application

8: User Interface and Components of User Interface1 Hr 15 Min (Day8)

Building the user interface

Enhancing the User interface

Creating new UI components

9: RuleSet and Security Overview 1 Hr 15 Min (Day9)

RuleSet/RuleSet Versions

Create RuleSet

Application Rule

Create Application

Access Group Create Access Group

Organization Hierarchy/Operator ID Creating own Organization Operator IDs Advanced Topics

10: Debugging Tools1 Hr 15 Min (Day 10)



With the help these tools, debug our application

Rules Inspector

11: Declarative Rules1 Hr 15 Min (Day 11)

Declare Index First examine the built in rule,than create your own declare expression

Declare On Change

Declare Trigger

Forward and back word Chaining