Frequently Asked Questions about SAP Programs and training at Learning Hub

1) What is SAP R/3 Standard Training? What are the offerings?

2) What is mySAP Solution?

3) I am interested to be a SAP Consultant. What relevant course should I take?

4) What are the prerequisites to pursue an SAP module?

5) Who can pursue SAP training?

What we do?

6) Several companies/training institutions offer SAP training with guaranteed placements, are these trainings genuine and are the certificates valid?

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8) What is the mode of payment of the fees?

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12) Does Learning Hub offer part-time courses?

13) Are there any practice classes held after classes?

14) What is the course fee?

15) Will accommodation be taken care of?

16) Is the course theoretical or hands on?

17) Why do I need the SAP R/3 application consultant certification?

18) What level of knowledge is tested?

19) What is the objective of the examination?

20) How will I know if I have passed?

21) About Learning Hub

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