Industry Placements

SAP being one of the growing technolgy, which has got potential in itself. Learning Hub have a proven track record of placement for years together. Our main strength is our own past students working in various technologies in different and in fact they are managers managing the companies. Our past students, holding higher level positions, represent companies and help to conduct interviews to recruit our students.

We have established excellent rapport with well reputed companies. Many companies have been tied up with our institution for training, placement, exchange of faculty and guest lectures.

There are many jobs in the market with huge potential in career growth. Potential Candidates need to learn Real time Technology in SAP and start attending interview and get a career in SAP.

We at Learning Hub being the Bridge for the student who want to learn and get into SAP world and have a sucessful career in IT industry.

SAP Project Based Training at Learning Hub

Learning Hub is known for providing quality education in SAP at Magarpatta City in Pune. We have a great expertise in some of the advance Module of SAP, where there is huge skill shortage in the market. Our Aim is to exploit the areas where the skillís set difficult to find in open market.

As a Technology, SAP is undergoing through a rapid change globally, in terms of new Technology of SAP being used. This change has created a huge GAP in what consultant know and what Required to know to support some of state of art SAP application.

We are inviting people to come for Project based Training at Our Institute, where we give rigorous training in some of the basic and advance Module of SAP, and get the suitable placement for the same.


1: Candidates should have 2-3 years of Domain experience in which he looking to do the project. e.g. If you are looking for SAP SD module for example, then you should understand the Business process of Sales and Marketing.

2: You should have good understanding of standard Business process of SAP. Also you should have good understanding of Configuration to be done, for specific module in which you are interested. If not, then Learning Hub will provide the configuration and business process training separately.

3: People, who are looking to get into Technical Module of SAP, should have descent ABAP knowledge including in some of the advance module of ABAP, e.g. Cross Application, OOPís ABAP etc.

4: This training requires Hard work, self determination and commitment. If you are looking to get into Project based training, please come up with high motivation.

Experience Letter: Learning Hub would provide a valid experience letter for the time you have spent doing project based training with us. This experience can be verified by external agency for employment purpose.

Modules in which we are providing SAP Training:

Learning Hub Provide Training in all Modules of SAP, Please contact Naresh on 09325793756 for more details. Or on Skype learning.hub01 or on Gmail