ETL Courses

IBM COGNOS 8.0/10.0 BI Administration

· Overview of IBM Cognos BI.
· Describe IBM Cognos BI components.
· Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level.
· Describe the role of the Administrator.
· Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a detail level.
· Identify an example of Cognos BI request processing.
· Describe distributed installation and configuration of IBM Cognos BI.
· Add and manage a data source.
· IBM Cognos BI backup strategy.
· Define authentication and authorization in IBM Cognos BI.
· Describe SSO and LDAP authentication work flow.
· Manage current, past, and upcoming run activities.
· Manage schedules.
· Overview of administrative tasks that can be performed in IBM Cognos Administration.
· Monitor system metrics.
· Manage dispatchers and services.
· Tune server performance.
· Audit IBM Cognos BI.
· Deploy IBM Cognos BI content.
· Customize the appearance of IBM Cognos BI.