SAP Courses

Course Content for SAP EWM

Unit 1: The Extended Warehouse Management System
Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
Basic ERP and EWM Integration
Delivery Document Integration
Unit 2: EWM Structure
Organizational Units
EWM Structural Elements
Unit 3: Master Data
EWM Master Data
APO Core Interface
EWM Master Data

Unit 4: Warehouse Monitor and RF Framework
Warehouse Monitor, Easy Graphics Framework and Warehouse
RF Framework
Unit 5 : Goods Receipt Process
Goods Receipt Processing Using EWM
ERP and EWM Documents in Goods Receipt
Storage Control
Expected Goods Receipts
QIE and EWM Quality Management
Slotting and Rearrangement
Goods Receipt Process Overview
Availability Groups for Inventory Management
Direct Put away Configuration
Put away Rules and Strategies
Capacity Checking
Unit 6: Goods Issue Process
Outbound Delivery Processing
EWM Outbound Delivery Documents
Storage Control in Outbound Processes
Wave Processing
Value-Added Services
Serial Numbers in EWM
Production Supply
Goods Issue
Stock Removal Strategies
Pick Denial/Handling Differences in Picking
Batch Management
Unit 7: Yard Management
Yard Management
Unit 8: Storage Control
Storage Control Concepts
Process-oriented Storage Control
Layout-oriented Storage Control
Unit 9: Warehouse Order Creation
Warehouse Order Creation
Unit 10: Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and
Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishment
Unit 11: Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory Process
EWM Physical Inventory Procedures
Unit 12: Slotting and Rearrangement
Slotting and Rearrangement
Unit 13: Labor Management
Introduction to Labor Management
Overview, Activation and Master Data
Basic Process Configuration
Engineered Labor Standards
Indirect Labor Tasks