ETL Courses

ETL Courses

IBM COGNOS 8.0/10.0 BI Administration


Overview of IBM Cognos BI.
Describe IBM Cognos BI components.
Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level.
Describe the role of the Administrator.
Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a detail level.


Identify an example of Cognos BI request processing.
Describe distributed installation and configuration of IBM Cognos BI.
Add and manage a data source.
IBM Cognos BI backup strategy.


efine authentication and authorization in IBM Cognos BI.
Describe SSO and LDAP authentication work flow.
Manage current, past, and upcoming run activities.
Manage schedules.


Overview of administrative tasks that can be performed in IBM Cognos Administration.
Monitor system metrics.
Manage dispatchers and services.
Tune server performance.


udit IBM Cognos BI.
Deploy IBM Cognos BI content.
Customize the appearance of IBM Cognos BI.