Selenium Training Contents

Selenium Course Content at Learning Hub

1.Why Automation ? If AUTOMATION then why Selenium ?

2. Core Java Basics

a. Setup of Java, Eclipse
b. Class and Objects
c. Class Constructors
d. Data Types
e. Operators
f. Access Modifiers
g. Decision Making
h. Loops
i. Arrays
j. Oops Concept
k. String Class
l. Collections

3. Selenium Webdriver

a. Different versions of Selenium
b. Selenium Webdriver Setup
c. Selenium Element Locators – Generic XPath & Static XPath
d. Selenium Webdriver Commands – Navigation Commands
e. Alert Handling
f. Handling of Different Browser elements (Button, Checkbox, Radio Button & Dropdown)
g. Window Handling & Frames
h. Keyboard & Mouse Intervention (Robot Class & Auto IT)
i. Different types of Wait
j. Excel Read & Write
k. Screenshot Capture

4. Tips & Tricks in Selenium

a. Finding broken links in Selenium Automation
b. JavaScript and Selenium JavaScriptExecutor
c. Event Listener

5. Database Connections

a. H2 Database
b. Execution of queries

6. Build Tool

a. Maven
b. POM & Maven Lifecycle

7. Framework – BDD

a. jUnit- Basics
b. Cucumber
c. Feature File & Glue Code
d. Execution of Test Cases using Cucumber
e. Page Object Framework
f. Report Generation

8. Version Control

a. Git – Basic Commands

9. Continuous Integration

a. Jenkins – Basics

10. Interview Questions