Oracle App


1: Creating the Database

2: Starting Up and Shutting Down

  • Viewing the Quiesce State of an Instance
  • Suspending and Resuming a Database

3: Managing Oracle Database Processes

  • Terminating Sessions
  • Identifying Which Session to Terminate
  • Terminating an Active Session
  • Terminating an Inactive Session

4: Monitoring the Operation of Your Database

  • Server-Generated Alerts
  • Monitoring the Database Using Trace Files and the Alert Log
  • Monitoring Locks
  • Monitoring Wait Events
  • Process and Session Views

5: Oracle Database Structure and Storage

  • Managing Control Files
  • Managing the Redo Log
  • Managing Archived Redo Logs

6: Managing Table spaces
Transportable Table spaces 

7: Managing Data files and Temp files

8: Managing the Undo Table space
undo retention, switching undo table space
9: User management
creation of users and roles, assign privileges
10:Automatic Storage Management
create ASM instance, create disk groups
11:Managing Schema Objects
· Tables, indexes, views, synonyms and sequence generator
· Space management
· Managing resumable space allocation, reclaiming wasted space
· Managing Tables
· adding, renaming and dropping of table columns
· Managing Indexes
· B*tree, bitmap
· Managing Partitioned Tables and Indexes
· Range, hash,list and composit partitioning
· Managing Clusters
· creation and altering of clusters
· Managing Views, Sequences, and Synonyms
· Oracle Network
· Listener and tnsnames
· Distributed Database Concepts
· Utilities
· Data pump , SQL*Loader
· Backup and Recovery
· Rman
· Performance Tuning
· Data Guard
· configuring physical standby database
· Miscellaneous