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Best Salesforce admin Training in Pune

Salesforce admin Training in Hadapsar & Best Salesforce admin Training Institutes in Pune

Best Salesforce admin training institute Learning Hub in Hadapsar, Pune, provides real-time and placement oriented Salesforce admin training in Pune. Learning Hub provide the Best Salesforce admin training courses in Pune. Learning Hub Salesforce admin training course content is designed from basics to advanced levels. We have a team of Salesforce admin experts who are working professionals with hands-on real-time Salesforce admin projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. Salesforce admin training course content is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in Pune as soon as you complete the Salesforce admin training course.

Best Salesforce admin training institute in Pune focuses on the needs of the Salesforce admin community. Learning Hub listed one of the top Salesforce admin training institutes in Pune. We offer Salesforce admin education for working professionals. Salesforce admin training in Pune understands the need of Salesforce admin community. We offer all Salesforce admin training courses as students option. Learning Hub provide free Salesforce admin training materials of soft copy and hard copy. Discover best Salesforce admin training in Pune at Learning Hub.
Our Salesforce admin training courses help to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical, real-time Salesforce admin project scenarios training helps to work on Salesforce admin projects. Our Salesforce admin training program helps every student to achieve their goal in Salesforce admin career.

Best Training Institute, Learning Hub, Hadapsar, Pune offers training with choice of multiple training locations across Pune. Learning Hub Salesforce admin training centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our Trained Salesforce admin students, Salesforce admin training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In Pune.

Salesforce admin Training In Pune, Learning Hub provide regular training classes, Morning Batches, Evening Batches, weekend training classes and fast-track training classes for Salesforce admin. Learning Hubtechnologies provides online and Corporate training classes for Salesforce admin.

Target participants for Salesforce Admin Training

  • Salesforce.com CRM Administrators

  • Salesforce.com CRM Developers

  • Salesforce.com CRM Consultants

Prerequisites for taking Salesforce Admin Training

You need to have a good understanding of basic Salesforce.com CRM concepts and functionality. Knowledge of Salesforce.com & Force.com and experience of about 1-6 months is preferred (not mandatory). Some previous programming knowledge is must. You should be aware of:

  • Salesforce CRM Navigation

  • Salesforce CRM functionality

Course outcome of Salesforce.com admin Training

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to understand and work on the following. The following topics are covered in this 32 Hours training

  • Customize Salesforce CRM application (like page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes etc)

  • Manage a secure Salesforce CRM environment

  • Import and maintain clean data

  • Create reports and dashboards

  • Deploy and use features of Salesforce CRM Sales, Salesforce Salesforce CRM Marketing, Salesforce CRM Service, Admin Console, and the AppExchange

Salesforce admin Training Syllabus in Pune

Salesforce training course content and Syllabus in Pune

Security Confirmation

  • Activate your computer for Salesforce.com CRM


  • Set up Admin options & User Interface

Organization Administration of Salesforce.com CRM

  • Set your organization’s language & locale

  • How to Manage organization’s currency

Customization in Salesforce.com CRM

  • How to Create custom profiles & custom fields

  • How to Define dependent picklists

  • How to Customize lookup fields & formula fields

  • How to Customize page layouts

  • Customize standard related lists

  • Learn about record types & business processes

  • Use field-level security

Security & Access in Salesforce.com CRM

  • How to Create & manage your users

  • How to Set organization-wide defaults

  • Learn about record access

  • How to Create the role hierarchy

  • Learn about role transfer & mass transfer functionality

  • Learn about the Sharing model

  • Manually share records

  • Set up opportunity team selling & account teams

  • Learn about folder access

Workflow in Salesforce.com CRM

  • How to Define workflow

  • How to Set up workflow rules

  • How to Set up workflow tasks & alerts

Workflow Approvals

  • Plan approvals using workflow

  • How to use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start

  • Create workflow approvals

Data Validation in Salesforce.com CRM

  • Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation

  • Create data validation rules

  • Learn about custom field unique and duplicate properties

  • Execute an initial import

  • Update via the import wizard

Data Utilities for Import and manage data

  • Importing overview

  • Learn about import solutions & custom object records using the data loader

  • How to use mass delete

  • Initiate weekly export

  • How to use storage

Analytics & Reports in Salesforce.com CRM

  • Create custom reports

  • How to use advanced filters

  • How to use conditional highlighting

  • How to use custom summary formulas

  • How to use dashboards

Marketing Administration

  • Terminology overview

  • Use the Integrated Campaign Builder

  • Learn about lead assignment setup

  • Learn Web-to-lead & auto-response rules

Service & Support Administration

  • Learn about case escalation

  • Identify solution categories, & suggested solutions

  • How to set up the self-service portal

  • Mass manage self-service portal users

Administration Console

  • Navigate the Administration Console

  • How to create a Administration Console

Extending Salesforce CRM

  • What are custom objects

  • Learn about custom tabs

  • Learn about custom Web tabs

  • Build a custom app

The AppExchange

  • What is the AppExchange

  • How to install an app

  • How to delete an app

Popular Interview Questions for Salesforce admin Training

Salesforce admin admin Interview Questions

1). What is the difference between public cloud and private cloud? Is salesforce.com is a public cloud or private cloud?

 (2).What are different kinds of reports?

 (3). What are different kinds of dashboard component?

 (4). What actions can be performed using Workflows?

 (5). What are groups in SFDC and what is their use?

 (6). What is Visualforce View State?

 (7). Which objects can be imported by Import Wizard?

 (8). What is Profile and Components?

 (9). What is PermissionSet?

 (10). Profile Vs Permission Sets Permissions and Access Settings?

(11). What are the Standard Profiles available in Salesforce?

 (12). What is the Force.com Platform?

(13). Salesforce Editions and Limits?

 (14). What are Standard Business Objects?

 (15). What is a Company Profile?

 (16). What is a Fiscal Year in Salesforce?

 (17). What is Standard and Custom Fields in Salesforce

 (18). Is it possible to change the existing data types of custom fields, if Yes please explanin?

 (19). What is a dependent picklist?           

(20). What is Page Layout and Record Types?

(21). What is a Business Process?

 (22). What are the Objects available in the Salesforce Business Process and Give some Business Process Example?

 (23). What about Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case?

 (24). On which tabs can I create multiple record types?

 (25). What happens if I need to add a picklist value?

 (26). What is Field-Level Security?

 (27). Why use Field-Level Security?

(28).  What are Login Hours and Login IP Ranges?

 (29).  What is a User Record?

 (30). What is a Record Owner?

31). What are Organization Wide Defaults?

(32). What is a Role and Role Hierarchy?

 (33). What is Access at the Role Level?

 (34). What is a Sharing Rule?

 (35). Types of Sharing Rules in Salesforce and Explain it?

 (36). Uses cases for Sharing Rules in salesforce?

 (37). Best Practices of Creating Contact Sharing Rules?

 (38). What is a Public Group?

 (39). What is Manual Sharing?

 (40). What is a Sales Team? (EE/UE)

 (41). Org Wide Defaults Vs Role Hierarchy Vs Sharing Models?

 (42). What is an Account Team? (EE/UE)

 (43). What is an Case Team? (EE/UE)

 (44). What are Folders?

 (45). What is Workflow?.

(46). What are Workflow Components available?.

 (47). What is a Workflow Rule?

 (48). What is a Workflow Task?

 (49). What is a Workflow Alert?

 (50). What is a Workflow Field Update?

(51). What is Time-Dependent Workflow?

 (52). Working with Time-Dependent workflow.

(53). Time-Dependent Workflow – Considerations

 (54). When The Add Time Trigger button is unavailable?

 (55). Time-Dependent Workflow Limitations:

 (56). What is Approval Processing?

 (57). Approval Terminology

(58). Approval Process Checklist

 (59). Jump Start Wizard vs. Standard Wizard

 (60). Parallel Approval Routing

(61). Data Validation Rules contain

 (62). What is the Import Wizard?

 (63). What is External ID?

 (64). Force.com Data Loader – Features

 (65). Use the Data Loader when:.

(66). What is the Recycle Bin?

 (67). What is a Standard report and Custom Report?

 (68). What is a Tabular Report?

 (69). What is a Summary Report?

 (70). What is a Matrix Report?

(71). What are Trend Reports?

 (72). What are Charts?

 (73). What are Relative Dates?

 (74). What are Custom Report Types?

 (75). What is Conditional Highlighting?

 (76). What are Dashboards?

 (77). Dashboard Components

 (78). What is a Campaign?

 (79). What is a Lead?

 (80). What is a Case?

(81). What is a Solution?

 (82). What is the Self-Service Portal?

 (83). What is the AppExchange?

 (84). Difference between Force.com IDE and Sandbox?

 (85). What is Roll up summary field in Salesforce?

 (86). How many types of the relationship fields available in Salesforce?

 (87). What will happen if the Account is deleted?

(88). What are the types of email templates available in salesforce.com?


(89).Sequence of Salesforce Triggers and Order of Execution

 (90). How to delete the User from Salesforce?

(91). How to restrict the user to see any record, lets say CASES?

 (92).What is difference between WhoId and WhatId in the SFDC Data Model of Task/Events ?

 (93). What is Master Detail relationship and look up relationship in Salesforce?


 (94). Can we convert the lookup relationship to Master Detail relationship?

 (95). Can we create Master Detail relationship on existing records?

 (96). In How many way we can invoke the Apex class?

 (96). What is the custom settings?

 (97). Types of the custom settings?



1.            Name three Governor Limits.

2.            When do you use a before vs. after trigger?

3.            What’s the maximum batch size in a single trigger execution?

4.            What are the differences between 15 and 18 digit record IDs?

5.            Provide an example of when a Custom Setting would be used during development.

6.            When should you build solutions declaratively instead of with code?

7.            Give an example of a standard object that’s also junction object.

8.            Describe a use case when you’d control permissions through each of the following:

–             Profiles

–             Roles

–             Permission Sets

–             Sharing Rules

9.            When should an org consider using Record Types?

10.         What are some use cases for using the Schema class?

11.         A trigger is running multiple times during a single save event in an org. How can this be prevented?

12.         Why is it necessary for most sales teams to use both Leads and Contacts?

13.         What is the System.assert method and when is it commonly used?

14.         What are the differences between SOQL and SOSL?

15.         Order the following events after a record is saved:

–             Validation rules are run

–             Workflows are executed

–             “Before” triggers are executed

–             “After” triggers are executed

16.         What is Trigger.old and when do you normally use it?

17.         When should you use a lookup instead of a master-detail relationship?

18.         What are the advantages of using Batch Apex instead of a trigger?

19.         What are the pros and cons when using a Workflow Rule Field Update vs. a Formula Field?

20.         What are the differences between a Map and a List?

21.         What are the advantages of using Batch Apex instead of a trigger?

22.         Describe a use case for Static Resources.

23.         Provide an example of when a Matrix report would be used. How about a Joined report?

24.         A group of users must be prevented from updating a custom field. What’s the most secure method of preventing this?

25.         When would you use the @future annotation?

26.         List three different tools that can be used when deploying code.

27.         When should an Extension be used instead of a Custom Controller?

28.         What are the advantages of using External Id fields?

29.         What are the uses of the <apex:actionFunction> tag?

30.         What are the differences between static and non-static variables in Apex?

31.         What are some best practices when writing test classes?

32.         What does the View State represent in a Visualforce page?

33.         What are three new features in the most recent Salesforce release?

34.         Describe the benefits of the “One Trigger per Object” design pattern.

35.         Write a SOQL query that counts the number of active Contacts for each Account in a set.

36.         Declaratively create logic in your org that prevents two Opportunities from being created on a single Account in a single day.

37.         Declaratively create logic in your org that prevents closed Opportunities from being updated by a non System administrator profile.

Salesforce admin Training trainer Profile & Placement

  • More than 10 Years of experience in Salesforce admin Training
  • Has worked on multiple realtime Salesforce admin Training
  • Working in a top MNC company in Pune
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far in Salesforce admin Training.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals

Salesforce admin Training Placement in Pune

  • More than 2000+ students Trained in Salesforce admin Training
  • 92% percent Placement Record
  • 1000+ Interviews Organized

Salesforce admin Training batch size in Pune

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Salesforce admin Training Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Salesforce admin Training Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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I have joined here for Salesforce admin admin & Development Training. Now i am working in a MNC company after the training. They gave excellent support while training and resume preparation. I Personally recommend this institute for your Salesforce admin Training in marathalli.


I really liked the idea of course structure of SALES FORCE admin admin & Development. They are really good and professional. Thanks for all your hard work. Very easy to face technical interview after completing the course. Joined at Marathalli Branch.Really Awesome Trainer.

Lakshmi Priya

Joined  for my salesforce  training in Pune marathalli branch. Very Systematic, easy and professional training. Your hard word and dedication shows. For me it was a very good training experience.         


I expected support in my on going salesforce  project and I got it well from my saleforce trainer. Learning Hub team helped me out in a fair way. Thanks for your support.I attended My salesforce classes at Marathalli branch  Pune  

Surendra Nath

Salesforce admin trainings conducted by Learning Hub team is excellent. I have gained best knowledge on salesforce and java via Learning Hub tutorials. His way of explaining is very clear and he has covered all the topics in detail with live projects. I would recommend everybody to use Learning Hub technologies for salesforece development training to fullest - whoever wants to make a career in Cloud salesforce  tool based my training experience.                

Mahesh Kumar

"It was really a good experience with Learning Hubtechnologies. They provided me a excellent platform to learn and gain enough knowledge in Salesforce admin admin course . Salesforce Trainer was good and the trainer had enough knowledge and experience in the field of Salesforce admin. I would definitely suggest it for the enthusiasts who are willing to gain knowledge in the field of Salesforce admin. Highly Recommended!!


Thanks To my Salesforce admin trainer. I was able to implement salesforce admin in my project with you and your team's support. Really so happy now about my career.This is the Best sales force real time institute at marathalli Pune.


"I have attended Salesforce admin Training Classes. My Batch Trainer was real time experience trainer. It was really a great learning experience, He keeps the class lively.My Trainer was specialized in 201,301,401,501 Certifications.It was Best Experience with Learning Hub Institute. "